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Dear Hayward Wesleyan Church Family,

Everywhere I am these days the question is the same, “So when is Hayward Wesleyan Church opening back up?”

If that’s not the million dollar question these days, I don’t know what is. And not just for churches. Every industry, business, and even family will ultimately have to make their own decision about how to balance our health, well being, and desire to “flatten the curve” and our ultimate goal of venturing out of isolation and moving back to a life that feels somewhat normal.
Believe me when I say that the vast majority of my conversations with our church staff, church leadership, and especially with God have revolved around this very issue.

First, a bit of a theological perspective on this. We are not “reopening the church” because Hayward Wesleyan Church has never been closed. Instead, we are seeking discernment and direction on how best to “ReGather” the church.  

So when will we “regather” the church?
Let me start by stating the obvious, which is: It’s still somewhat unknown.I don’t say that to be indecisive or nebulous. The lack of having a definitive date for regathering isn’t because we’re being wishy-washy about it. The fact is, there are dozens of decisions that need to be made in order to regather in a way that is logistically realistic, socially responsible, and keeps everyone safe.

So, although I wish I could offer some insight that provides a definite timeline for regathering, unfortunately I can’t. What I can offer, however, is what we sense to be a wise path for regathering – based on numerous conversations with our staff, church leadership, local public health officials and other medical professionals.

Because of the logistical complexity involved, we’ll be taking a phased approach to regathering the church and the attached document outlines that approach further.

As always, this plan for the future is subject to change due to new information or a change in the recommendations from our healthcare experts, so we will be sure to keep you apprised of any news or updates as we work towards our regathering plan.

On another note, have you noticed the range of conflicting opinions and emotions that this experience is creating in our country? 
We may actually be heading into the stretch of this journey that will give us the sternest test yet of the fabric of our Hayward Wesleyan Church body. As we go forward we are going to have different opinions about the steps that we will put in place to safeguard the health of our church family while we seek to regather. Some of you will believe the steps we take are not cautious enough. Others will believe the steps are too cautious by far.

Here’s what I ask of you. 
Please know that this plan came about with significant input from many sources and I humbly invite you to do your part to create a safe, effective, respectful environment in which we can gather together again. 

So, friends, we’re at the next leg of this journey. Middle parts of the journey require great patience, understanding, commitment, and grace. You were brilliant for the beginning. I’m confident you will be great for the next stage of the journey.

Pastor Chad McCallum | Lead Pastor

VIEW THE RE-GATHERING PLAN developed by the Church Staff and Church Board here.

A video message from Pastor Chad is also available here on Facebook.