Honoring the Graduates

Honoring the Graduates

Graduating Seniors and their immediate family are invited to:

Honoring the Graduates

@ Hayward Wesleyan Church in Fireside Room

Sunday, May 19 @ 12pm

Lunch from Old Southern BBQ is provided, with a time of blessing the graduates to follow.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 15 by contacting the HWC Main Office or by contacting Pastor Jeremy Mavis (please mention how many people in your family will be attending… we need to make sure we have enough BBQ!)

Instructions for the Blessing:

Dear Parents and Graduates,

Wow. What an accomplishment! The culmination of 13 years of formal schooling is right around the corner! The finish line is in sight, (hopefully) all the credits are in, and (potentially) lots of people are going to start sending you money! What an exciting time!!

Every year at Hayward Wesleyan, we set aside some time and resources to honor those graduates who we have had contact with over the years. You might have only come to Youth group or Followers once, attended one of our trips, or you’ve been to everything Hayward Wesleyan offers all the time. Whatever your level of involvement has been, we invite you to participate in our day of celebrating this important milestone in you and your family’s life.

“We are wired to receive our parent’s blessing. Think about it… Did you receive your parent’s blessing as you were leaving home? Some of us are not even sure. A cursory study of the Old Testament in the Bible lends credence to the fact that children crave the blessing of their parents.

“As a pastor who has the opportunity to counsel adults regularly I want you to know something. Many thirty and forty year old adults feel like a twelve year old on the inside when they begin to talk about their relationship with their father and mother. Often the root of many of their issues relating to their own marriage and parenting centers around an emotional and spiritual chasm that should be filled with the blessing of their parents.

The problem is parents often unintentionally neglect this important need in the lives of their children.”

(Brian Haynes in The Legacy Path: Discover Intentional Spiritual Parenting)

What is a blessing?

A blessing is a statement of affirmation, love, encouragement, and challenge. Your graduating son or daughter needs to hear words:

  • affirming who they are and what you think about them,
  • of love and encouragement,
  • of challenge (not berated, but challenged… challenged to face what you as their parent know will face them in the future).

Think about it… how precious a statement of words coming from people who love and care for them? If you want to be able to reach into your son or daughter’s heart and propel them forward in life with purpose and meaning, writing this blessing will be incredibly meaningful and effective. And, it becomes all the more powerful when this blessing is read out loud in a formal setting with other graduates and their families listening in.

If you plan to participate in the Honoring the Graduates, please prepare a one-page personal blessing addressed from you, the parents, to your son or daughter, the graduate, that will be read out loud after we all eat lunch. The blessing can be either from both of the parents or each parent can write one separately and share it.

If, for whatever reason, your parents are not able to participate, please feel free to find a mentor or another adult that has had a significant impact on your life and invite them to come and to write a letter of blessing for you.

It is really important to WRITE the blessing down on paper and read it. What we have found over the last 4 years is those who don’t write it down usually regret it because they forgot something they wished they would have shared. Writing it down makes sure you say all the things you want to say :). And, it is a helpful anchor for when the crying begins!!

I am really excited to invite you all to this time of celebration!