Trunk or Treat Vehicle Registration

Trunk or Treat Vehicle Registration



· Your “trunk” (your vehicle) — park and setup between 3:30-4p on Saturday on Main Street in downtown Hayward (between People’s Bank and the Court House).

· Enough candy to hand out to around one thousand children (1000) — make sure the candy is individually and factory wrapped (no unwrapped, loose candy) — we’ll have “extra” candy on hand if you run out

· Decorations to “decorate” your trunk (non-scary). Only dress up in non-scary costumes, please. Non-scary means think like a 2-year old and what might scare them 🙂

This event lasts 2 hours (from 4-6p). Trunk or Treat is pure fun. You can promote your organization through a sign on your vehicle or uniforms, but please DO NOT hand out anything other than candy (unless you have talked to the organizers for permission like toothbrushes for the dental office or baby food for the new life center). This is Christian hospitality at its best! We don’t want brochures, tracts, or paper things at all. This is not an event to put something in people’s hands other than candy!!

Due to COVID 19 this will be a drive thru event.   Families will drive down Main Street with their trunks open.  Distributors (you) will put candy in each bucket that is in the trunk (one per child).  When decorating your trunk, please keep in mind that children will only be able to see your decorations from their vehicle windows so don’t be afraid to decorate BIG — but still non-scary:)