Marriage on Purpose

Marriage on Purpose

“A Date Night At Home”
Virtual Webinar

We know 2020 was a tough year for everyone but especially for marriage relationships. Navigating how to share workspace together at home, juggling homework and school schedules and being restricted in other ways has taken a toll. What began as a great time to reflect, morphed into how do we manage all this time together?

On Saturday, February 6 from 7-8:30 pm, join Dan Seaborn for a great date night at home! In this free virtual webinar, Dan will help couples find encouragement and opportunities for growth as individuals and couples during this difficult COVID season. Much of what he speaks about will be based on his new book, “Marriage on Purpose” which offers practical steps you can take to grow in your marriage and your relationship with God.


This presentation is being made possible by the Mid-Michigan Community Family Ministries and we have been given access to it through “Winning At Home”. Dan Seaborn will be coming to Hayward Wesleyan Church in August for an awesome event and this will be a great preview of what is to come!


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