Meet Our Lead Pastor

Meet Our Lead Pastor

Ben Kidder

The Kidder Family: From Left to Right Ben, Ingrid, Malachi (7), Silas (17), Blaise (15), Gabby (21)

For the last 17.5 years I have pastored The River Church.   In His kindness the Lord has allowed The River to flourish. This has allowed me the joy of being a church planter, solo-pastor, senior pastor with multiple staff and now overseer of a rural multi-church model of ministry.

Ingrid & I both grew up in the Spooner Wesleyan Church, Ingrid’s parents had a small fishing resort and I was raised on a classic Wisconsin dairy farm. Ingrid and I both graduated from Indiana Wesleyan Univiersity and I was priveleged to earn an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College. We have four children – from  a college grad to a shy first-grader. 

Hayward Wesleyan is a very special church to me (HWC was the mother church to The River). HWC has a legacy of influence in our region and the denomination as a whole. You are part of a church that has a long history of focusing on what matters to Jesus.I am impressed with the caliber of leaders, the willingness to invest in excellence, and the non-negotiable commitment to love people.

Ingrid and I are very honored and humbled to lean into the mission of Jesus with you. 

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