Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson

I love Hayward. I love that it is a small town without crazy interstates, traffic jams, and lines a mile long at the coffee shop. I love that its people are down to earth, homegrown, real-life folks. I love that I get to ski in the winter and in summer I get to kayak, hike, fish, swim, camp, and run in the most beautiful country on earth.

And I love this church. I guess you could say that this has always been my home church! When I was two, my family moved from California to Wisconsin because my dad, Mark Wilson, had just taken a pastor position at a little church called Hayward Wesleyan. He was the lead pastor here for 26 years, and God did some remarkable things through his ministry. And now I get the unique opportunity to minster in the same church I grew up in. What a cool blessing!

I have my bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, graduating in 2011 at the top of my class in the School of Theology and Ministry. I was ordained in 2017 in the Wesleyan Church.

I am married to Stacy (Walter) Wilson, and we have two sons, Beckett and Andy.

I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. If you ever want to talk football with me, I will probably talk your ear off.

I’m the worship pastor here, which means that I am the “architect” of worship services at HWC, planning and overseeing everything that happens in the sanctuary on Sunday morning, leading a group of amazingly gifted volunteers, and encouraging the congregation to participate in worship of our God through songs, Scriptures, prayers, videos, responses… you name it! And yes, I play guitar and sing! My goal is to help people to have meaningful, life-transforming encounters with God through worship services at HWC.

Administrative Assistant
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